goodbye summer. i will miss you.

i'm cold. and missing the warm sun, warm water, these beautiful places, and my beautiful sister.
i guess it's time to really say goodbye to summer {and fall apparently, now that we have snow on the ground.}

isn't this swimming spot almost magical? i felt like i was in a book. like something from the early 20's. jumping off an old train track to cool off in the summer evenings. it felt other-era-y. in a really good way.

we can see you! {our impersonation of eye balls.}

would you believe me if i told you as i was climbing up through the barbed wire fence, a snake poked his head out the rocks inches away from me? believe it! it happened. and it was petrifying.

this is my favorite picture of the night. first, because i had no idea she was taking it. and second, because we were literally being attacked by mosquitos {hence the towel over my head} and you can actually see one biting katelyn in the bottom right of this picture. yikes! mosquitos! i will definitely not miss you this winter.


also, have you been wondering if i have any more car pictures? {you're nodding right?}
here they are. some of my absolute favorite parts of cardston.
{inside-of-the-car style.}

we circled the temple twice to get this shot. but it was much safer 'cause katey was there to take the wheel.

this shot was taken in an alley with a police officer eye-balling our shenanigans.

and our favorite coca-cola sign on the corner of main street.

front & back of the cutest stop sign i've ever seen. jonny had the brilliant idea of planting those viney-flowers on every pole in town. wouldn't that be amazing?

my rockstar sister katelyn took this picture. isn't she good? and it was NOT from inside the car.
{in case you were starting to worry about the kind of driving tactics we'd have to implement to get this kind of shot.}

goodbye summer!


  1. wow Im loving your post...it was like a short movie...and bye to the summer :)

    you have a wonderful blog

  2. why thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it.


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