cemetery love.

i love you.
and i love the cemetery.
and i'm glad i got to enjoy you both yesterday.
and even though our camera died,
i'm happy to have at least these two pictures.
let's walk there again tomorrow.
and the next day.
and the next.


  1. So why do you like cemeteries? The top picture reminds me of a ghost hunters type show with all the white spots. Let me know... maybe it will change how I feel, I get really creeped out.

  2. oh don't worry, those white spots are just water. there were puddles all over. I don't know why, i just love cemeteries. they are one of my all-time favorite places to walk, think, draw, write, hang out, throw parties . . . okay, not the last two! :) they have some pretty amazing cemeteries in romania. in fact i should finally start scanning in some of those pics.


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