birthday breakdown.

so here's how it all went down.

6:30 am. - breakfast in bed!

there are just so few things in life that rank higher or better than spending your birthday
morning in bed enjoying early morning snuggles, kisses & an omelette for two.

all day - no cards, just notes.

we were completely card-less this year for the first time! {i think that may just be birthday tradition #4 worthy} b-day cards always seems like an incredibly fast way to collect clutter. they're so sweet you feel inclined to hang onto them for a while, but they never really get looked at again. all ry's birthday messages were white-boarded & chalk-boarded this year. luckily we have a lot of both around!

dinner for four - 5:30 pm.

chicken parmesan with fresh mozzarella
linguine & homemade tomato sauce
buttered oregano zucchini
mint lemonade
& oreo cake for dessert

mindy & eric, our dinner guests. thanks again for joining us you two.

then cake {of course!}

this is our biggest dispute with ryan's birthday every year. he always wants a german chocolate cake made with a cake mix & packaged frosting. i just cannot resolve myself to this. i simply refuse to do it. {i know, so mean right?} but i just love to make home-made cakes & try lots of different varieties & birthdays are the only real call for extravagance like that. so our big compromise is every other year = german chocolate {no guarantee on store-bought} and in between a cakey surprise catered to ryan but concocted by me. this year was a tribute to oreo cookies, {ryan's fav.} and it was so delicious i think ryan may just change his mind!

and the opening of presents.

all these nifty-gifties were wrapped with kraft brown paper & cream ribbon
purchased at d.i. for less than a single dollar. not bad at all!

the money items:
racquetball equipment - from the ostlers
{thanks guys - you know yan so well!}
wii sports resort game & headphones - from me!
{and we're already super addicted to archery.}

and wii wrapped up the night
by keeping ourselves busy with rowing & archery.
that's right, and wii loved it!
you should see the videos of these two as they duke it out. priceless!
and mind & i squealing with laughter is the joyous background.

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  1. what great pictures, what a great day for you both...this righte here is a lovely post :)

    >>>and wii loved it! >>>that was funny lol


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