to ryan, with love.


  1. ok so I know I have been writing on all your posts lately....but jed and i loved this! we laughed a lot... especially #5 and #17. :O) We miss you guys.

  2. i have to admit that i usually find the typical "list of why i love my husband" slightly annoying, but i really loved this post.
    you guys really have a great relationship and it shows in all the little things. you've got yourself a great man. thanks for posting this. it makes me want to do more of those special little things for ned.
    and do you really have 2 peep holes? that is so funny!!

  3. Hi Leah! I was so delighted to hear from you! So maybe about a month or so ago my husband and I were in Ikea looking at lighting and I saw a woman I could have sworn was you. I was too shy to go up and see if it actually was you (plus i looked like the bride of Frankenstein on that particular day) but now I wish I would have. Maybe it was you! Your blog is beautiful. I'd love to catch up sometime. Shoot me an email and let's get together. My email is mercedeswhite@gmail.com.

  4. kera - thank you. we could never hear from you too much. and we miss you guys!

    broklyn - thanks, i loved putting it together for second birthday! and it is true, 2 peep holes. it looks even fnnier than it sounds.

    mercedes - i know, i'm so glad i found you. it's been way too long!


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