to my grandma! oom pah pah!

i've begun writing my memoirs. premature? maybe!
but, i figure the best time to start is now,
when i can most clearly recollect dates & times & places.
so, for the last couple months i have been compiling important,
interesting &
even sad moments
into a document appropriately titled: my memoirs.

i've organized entries according to seasons of my life.
not necessarily chronologically.
chapter titles are things like: childhood, dating, mission.
and anytime a fond memory comes to mind, i write it down under it's proper heading.
it has seriously been such fun re-living these moments.

for many years my grandma has been telling me to do just this.
even at a young age she would encourage me to write
anything & everything i wanted to remember about my life.
i think it was instinctual in her, to write things down.
{and sadly ironic that her handwriting is almost illegible.}
she has piles of journals, and has written me countless letters over the years.
but now that my grandma has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's,
i think i'm finally appreciating how truly wise is her advice.

lately her favorite activity, how she spends most of her days,
is reading through those old journals.
at this time when all is confusing and unrecognizable,
she finds the most comfort in re-reading through the familiar sentiments of her past.
and so i'm writing. anything & everything. i've started my memoirs.
so here's to you grandma!

i love these pics we took together.
maybe you can't tell, but there was a lot of laughing going on.
grandma would check out the result in between each shot.
and demand that i take another.
she kept re-adjusting, and was never quite pleased with her image.
it comes with age {according to her.}
she removed her glasses after viewing the first picture,
"that will not do." she lamented.
ah vanity!
i think we have ten of almost the exact same frame.
these 3 are my favorite.
they capture some of my favorite grammy expressions.

i love my maternal grandma.
she's absolutely adorable and just the cutest thing,
especially when she get's the giggles.
this happens a lot.
and luckily is an innate characteristic that runs in our family.


  1. She is adorable! I love grandmas, and that is very wise advice! What did you end up doing Saturday?! I hope you guys had fun!

  2. i love grandmas too! we actually ended up at the farmers market across from maddox {it enticed us in.} so. much. fun. ryan and i now feel like we would like to live in brigham city!

  3. oh grandma. love that last picture. it's so her.


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