butternut squash

this weekend we visited a lovely farmers market in brigham city with these guys.
we bought a lot of our favorite kinds of squash.
{fresh produce & cheap prices have us already talking about trip #2!}
here's what we did with our butternut's.

so good. so fast. so easy.


  1. K girl you should know by known we want all the recipes to these delicious food items you post !!!! LOL Looks very yummy, now share the recipe dang it :)

  2. k, we are talking about another trip up there too. and i really want that recipe!! we've eaten our acorn squash already - so good. and i just got this recipe for pumpkin lentil curry that is so good. i'll have to share. i put all the pics on a cd that will be waiting at my moms if you make it down.

  3. okay - i promise, recipes to come! :)


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