as of late i am...

right now the adventures of tom sawyer is on my bedside table & the four loves is in the bathroom. i'm reading both of them, just at different times & {obviously} in different places. on my mission i read all 747 pages of james e. talmage's Jesus the Christ in the bathroom. it rested perfectly atop a little old fashioned radiator to the left of the toilet with a package of colored pencils used for marking. it made bathroom trips so much more enjoyable. and ever since then i just can't quit the habit. plus it's such a lovely way to capture a little time.

for some reason i just adore a good melancholy tune. the sadder the better. something really good and depressing gets me every time. and because i organize my music by mood, the folder entitled soft & sad is my largest by far. and lately i just can't stop myself from putting these two songs on repeat. falling slowly by glen hansard & marketa irglova {listen here.} and duet by rachael yamagata. {the best listen i could find was posted here}

we are making our way through these babies! season 5 came in the mail a couple weeks ago {thanks again for birthday present bliss ry} and that is how we are spending our evenings. could there be a better way?

picture from here.

peanut butter and jam sandwiches. it has to be chunky. it has to be homemade strawberry. it has to be 12 grain. it's the best thing on the planet right now. i can't tell if i love that it is fast or that it is easy better. but even if it was neither, the taste {oh the taste} alone would win my heart. maybe because i hated peanut butter as a child i am now overcompensating, but i think we've had this for lunch every day for the past week.

*post idea adopted from my friend mercedes here. isn't it a good one?
what are you guys reading, listening to, watching & eating?


  1. Hey, hey there! I'm so glad that you found me! Now we can keep in touch...stalker style. ;o) Jokes. So where are you guys at now? Is your hubby in Optometry school now? Cheers!

  2. oh for sure! no, we are in logan and he is getting his masters in agricultural technology, what are you guys up to and where are you at? did your husband end up doing optometry?

  3. Nope, Jack didn't end up doing Optometry either. :o) We're out in Ohio and Jack is doing Podiatry school.


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