i've got a mustache. {i really do.}

okay, to be honest, i thought this needlepoint thing would be easy-peesy.
tonight i picked up my smallest hoop with every intention of having a completed project in 20 minutes.
turns out this little guy took me closer to two hours.
i don't care, it was worth it.
and when i was done i smiled. and i laughed. and yes, i even cheered.
then i woke ryan up to show him.
{i'm interpreting the bleary one-eyed squint as a sure sign of approval.}
and now i can't stop looking at it.
first from far away, then close up, then i walk outside and come in again.
and from every angle i am loving it.
'cause these days i find joy in even the smallest accomplishments.
and i'm not ashamed to say that i am incredibly proud of my little 'stache.
also, i love the way this whole combination is suggestive of a little bald man with a stop watch.

i cannot however take credit for this idea.
a little while ago i found a picture of a tiny pin with an embroidered mustache.
{i can't remember where.}
it was lust at first sight.
and i knew, one day i too would have such a mustache.
so tonight i made that dream a reality.

step 1: draw a mustache on a piece of paper
{i found the old heart trick made this incredibly easy. you know, fold a piece of paper and draw half a heart on one side, cut it out and voila! perfectly symmetrical heart. or mustache in this case.}
step 2: cut out the mustache
step 3: trace mustache onto fabric
{i used an HB pencil}
step 4: cross stick like crazy till the mustache is completely filled in.

*be prepared for a completely delightful feeling of accomplishment upon completion.


  1. ps: i just noticed that you like the smell of skunk. weirdo. i bet you just loved when we found a skunk on our porch in peoa!

  2. thank you - i love it too!!

    britt, how did you not know that about me? yes, him & i became fast friends after meeting on that porch, no it was actually kinda' scary 'cause i have heard they are aggressive.

    we should do a peoa reunion/fish fry. wouldn't that be funny?

  3. this is so cute. how could it not make you snicker every time you see it? i love it!

  4. i know right? it does make me snicker. and i love it.


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