and then i got sick.

this blog has recently been a series of no events,
and i blame that entirely on my sicky-ness.
because i've had a terrible cold.
and have gone through 3 rolls of toilet paper. {yes i blow my nose with toilet paper.}
and am now just feeling better. finally.
and i love the way it feels to be normal after being sick.
'cause it feels better than normal.
it feels almost super-human.
and i re-appreciate even common things.
like breathing. through both nostrils.
and walking up the stairs without being completely exhausted.
and that happy light feeling of being able to accomplish things.
things like cleaning. cooking. you know, those kinds of things.
and my entire body no longer aches.
and that alone feels like a miracle.
and real clothes replace the pajamas that have been a uniform.
yes, all this feels very good and healthy.
so i am happy to be back.
in the land of the living, and to my blog.
and i think ryan is equally happy to have me back.
and we are both excited for thanksgiving.


Tell me what you think about that...