i'm here!

no, i have not disappeared.

i have been working on a 50th birthday video for my mom.

{i can't believe she is fifty! and you wouldn't believe it either, she certainly doesn't look it.}

but 50 she is and commemorate we must.

and the video does just that. 50 wonderful years i'd say!

happy birthday mom, we love you.


  1. i sure hope you are going to post the video.

  2. I want to see the video!!

  3. Yes yes, I was to see the video too!!

  4. i'm glad everyone is excited about it. i probably won't post it publicly, since it is a compilation of all my siblings. and i'm pretty sure most of my brothers would be none to happy about a free-for-all viewing of their parts. shall i bring a copy for thanksgiving dinner thursday?


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