christmas junior

december 6th is like a mini christmas in romania.
children put out their polished boots or stockings, and await the arrival of st. nic.
treats & toys are left for all who were nice and a branch {for beating} for the naughty.
it's called ziua de mos nicolae.
translation: day of father nicholas.
{who is an actual saint now buried in italy, and very distinct from santa clause.}
i always loved this tradition and secretly hoped to adopt it.

luckily, i met, dated, and eventually married a gentleman from wisconsin.
which, in case you were unaware, has a significant german influence.
and germany {as well as numerous other european countries}
also celebrates this day of st. nick's.
so my cutie-pie husband was raised with a mini christmas of his own,
on the sixth day of every december.

and now, thank my lucky stars, we also honor this tradition.
and i love it.
'cause seriously, who can get enough christmas?
so this morning we woke up to this:

ryan received socks, and shoe laces, and a little flying helicopter.
and i received a refill for my all-time favorite pen and a copy of this book.
st. nick was very good to us! both a little practical & a little fun.

and how cute are these little jelly candies found in ry's stocking?
{although the reindeer do look a little confused.}
but look at that detail!
even rudolph!

also, i'm pretty sure st. nick found these at the dollar store.
and that he absolutely couldn't believe that they were only a dollar.
and that he probably wishes he had kids so he could have bought more.
{yes, st. nick (unlike santa clause) shops for his gifts instead of making them.}

Happy St. Nick's to you all!!

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