welcome christmas! come on in.

growing up canadian meant thanksgiving was in october.
due to colder temperatures our harvest season is much earlier,
and so we celebrate on the second monday of every october.
It is a parliamentary proclaimed day of general thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which canada has been blessed.
{beautiful sentiment, no?}

so celebrating in november has changed thanksgiving a little for me.
not the meal or traditions, but the notion of it.
thanksgiving is a little more meaningful because it's now the doorway to christmas.

every year we religiously put up our tree, hang the mistletoe, display the nativity,
all the day after thanksgiving.
{if i'm ever tempted to jump the proverbial gun and begin christmas (gasp) before thanksgiving, ryan holds me off.}
it marks the beautiful entrance of the christmas season.
one day we are all about pumpkins, and pilgrims, and gratitude,
and the very next it's peace, and joy, and love.
a wonderful combination of both worlds, and a beautiful transition between the two.
i like the change.

and so this last weekend not only did we completely love giving thanks,
but we also delighted in all things christmas.

and so now we are basking in the smell of pine
{due to our first ever live (ie: dead) tree.}
and have already watched:
it's a wonderful life,
the santa clause,
and the polar express.
yes, all of them.
all while putting up decorations,
and welcoming the most wonderful time of the year.

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  1. Leah! I know! It was crazy going back! Anyhow, yes please steal them and use them! :)


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