my new favorite thing.

it's called a tastebook. (clever right?)
and this little gem had been on the top of my wish list for quite a while.
for christmas darling ry ordered me this one:

it's a custom recipe book that has changed my life!
okay not my whole life, but definitely my kitchen life.
i have been searching for a good way to store and save my favorite recipes forever.
i've done the binder thing, but it always looks like, well... a binder!
(not very cute.)
i've tried recipe cards, but blah!
(what a pain.)
but tastebook allows you to store and publish recipes online.

yes, i am inordinately excited about this thing.
my own little recipe book came with 100 recipes.
okay, it actually didn't come with any recipes.
it is basically an empty binder with only the category tabs inside it.
but i now have a credit for 100 recipes, published at my beck and call.

so, let's say like last night i start throwing things together in a pot.
and the end result is surprisingly quite delicious.
instead of scribbling out the ingredients on a scrap piece of paper,
and adding that to a whole pile of mismatched papers cluttering my cupboard,
now what i do is go online and enter the recipe here.
i love it! i really do.
and look how cute it looked when it came to our door.

specially prepared just for me!
have you fallen in love yet?
you should definitely check it out.
and not just because by signing up via my referral
you could earn me another book free.
(heaven knows i could fill a couple of these.)


  1. What a good idea! Now, Leah, I must be completely honest with you and admit that I've stalked your blog for a while now. You're so stylish! One day you'll have to teach me how to get my blog to look this good :-)I actually have two blogs. One is sort of a place to record my 'creative endeavors'. Take a peek if you're interested!

  2. oh yeah! i'm so glad you've been visiting and even more excited to head over to your blog number two and check it out!! i always love getting inspired by other peoples creative pursuits.


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