something to be happy about

my lovely friend heather made a happy list.
{just reading it made me feel happy.}
she also tagged me to do the same.
i have taken nearly a month to finally respond.
it comes much easier to me to point out faulty things that need fixing.
that's the critical side of me that i try to suppress.
but because making happy lists is one of the best way to accomplish that.
and also because i could use a little happy today, here it goes.

1. freshly painted toenails
2. reading recipes
3. making lists
4. a fresh blanket of snow
5. an organized closet
6. going to the library
7. taking long walks
8. hugs that seem to last forever
9. looking at houses
10. dessert

and these are the things that are making me feel happy today.
what about you?


  1. i like reading recipes too. i think food is so comforting and for some reason i find cooking and planning what to cook really comforting too.

  2. OH my! Thanks Leah, I loved reading the things that make you happy! It made me realize... I too love hugs that seem to last forever! :) Sometimes I forget all the small things in life that seem to make the biggest difference. Thanks for the reminder! ;) Good luck tomorrow on your lesson! I have to go to nursery, but you'll have to let me know how it goes!

  3. mercedes- it is! it is so comforting! i love it for just that reason. and your recipes always look so fantastic, so it's one of those things i love most about your blog!!

    and heather i know. it's those hugs you can get lost in, you know? sometimes ryan has to be late from his lunch break for that very reason! :) and thanks for the good wishes, i will need them!


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