the best part of every holiday

is sugar cookies!

(and yes, valentines day is most definitely a holiday.)
is there any celebration where these cookies don't make an appearance?
but sugar cookies and i have a complicated history.
a true love/hate relationship.
i literally hate how much i loove these little guys.
so much so that i usually avoid them.
indeed, this is my first time in over 8 years actually making them.
and i took precautionary measures.
we baked, frosted, packaged, and delivered within hours to avoid temptation.
only saving 4 delectables for our own consumption.
we're hoping they make it until after lunch.

(think hugs and kisses, not tic-tac-toe)

wishing you all a very
sweet valentines day weekend!


  1. They are delicious!! :) I'm eating them at work as we speak! Thank you!

  2. are mine in the mail??? :O) I am the same way with sugar cookies!

  3. hi leah,..
    this is my first blogwalking in ur blog..
    happy valentines day for you..=)

  4. your welcome heather. and yes kera, in the mail they are, but you know how unreliable the postal system can be... right?! and thanks for visiting Aline, we love visitors!

  5. The cookies where scrumptious and beautifully packaged. Thank you.

  6. Leah, the cookies were INCREDIBLE. I left 2 for Jason for as long as I could but... then I ate them too... because I loved them. :) Thanks so much for remembering us!


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