bird meets window

while i was working on the computer i heard a loud bang.
at first i thought someone threw a snowball at our window.
{it's been known to happen around here.}
but when i look out the front window, there's nothing but two tell-tale
downy feathers clinging to the exterior pane.
i rush outside in stocking feet to see this little guy bunkered down under our rocker.
he's totally dazed, and shaking, and in a really awkward position.
{look at the way those feet are curled}
i thought he was a goner.

but i kept checking on the little guy, and even threw him some bird seed.
{ryan later informs me that mr. robin is not a seed eater,
but it was well-intentioned.}
and no more than 20 minutes later he is hoping about. phew!

and a few more checks after that, he was nowhere to be found.
i like to think he regained his strength,
and flew happily away to join all his birdy friends.
and not that one of the feral cats that frequent this area got to him.

yeah, i'm pretty sure that's what happened.

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