oh baby!

mindy & i hosted a sports themed baby shower last saturday,
for this guest of honor who is expecting a little boy at the end of this month.
{aren't boy things and boy colors are simply adorable?}
oh the fun we had planning!
and, believe it or not, we actually fit everyone into our wee little townhouse.
and enjoyed a whole slew of game day food.
which is always more delicious than i think it will be.
congrats to you tiff, {and jason} we couldn't be more excited for you both!
or more positive that you will make the absolute best parents.

{can you believe the cake? it was designed & crafted by this talented gal.}

. . .
thanks for coming everybody!

i was reminded why i love showers.
and getting together for girl time.
there definitely are not enough excuses to do this.

it also reminded me how very much i miss my sisters,
and how i wish each & every one of them lived even a little bit closer.


  1. WOW! Are you sure you're not Martha Stewart??? Unbelievably amazing. :)

  2. i miss you too! I think about that all the time when I'm hanging out with friends (cause sista's are just a bit different). Looks like you're up to lots of fun things. Love the table you two built. I have a long list of items on my to do list I need you to help me with...come visit! I'll fly you up.

  3. I love you Leah. I love all of your amazingly simple beautiful and perfect designs... I love love love how your brain works!!

  4. Love it. Your creativity is astounding. I'm always excited to check your blog to see what you come up with next. (Thursday morning Jills woke up, said her cheek was all better and she was ready for a playdate at her friends' Ryan and Leah's house....I think she had a really great time. Thanks again.)

  5. becka, what can i say, a MS comparison is the highest compliment. thank you!

    chels, i would love that! what projects are on your list these days? it would be so fun to spend some time with you before baby #3. {which i still can't believe by the way.}

    kelly, i miss you 'cause i love the way your brain works too! and if ever i was part of a council again, i would want you on it! :)

    kachiri, it was so highly entertaining spending the evening with jills. she is an absolute doll and i hope we have kids just like her. let's set that playdate up!

  6. What an adorable shower! I am totally stressing about my daughter's birthday party this weekend, if you were closer I would hire you! :) Wait... are you still going to be in SF this weekend? ;)


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