project approaching.

this is the area of our house that is really driving me nuts.
it's my vanity area in our bedroom.
and it's cluttered, disorganized, and kind of a mess.
and my goal is to have it looking not only super beautiful,
but also super functional and organized.
can it be done?
. . .
yes, yes it can.
it's in the works right now.
the polyurethane coat is drying even as we're relaxing it up in san francisco.
and it will be lovely to come home to just the fun tail end of a project.
'cause i have to admit, i'm feeling a little project-ed out.
and putting everything together,
well, it's my favorite part.

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  1. Oh if you're doing it, I know it will be beautiful! Can't wait to see! Hope San Fran was way fun!!


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