the first installment in a series on san francisco.

we arrived in san francisco and were welcomed with this beautiful view of the city.
{taken from through a window, pardon the glare.}
with bags in tow we started walking to our hotel, our gps as our guide.
{news flash: san francisco has a whole lotta' hills.}
eventually some kind citizen noticed us studying our electronic map
with 3 pieces of rolling luggage being dragged uphill behind us,
and after asking us our destination, he astutely suggested a taxi.
well, we've never been the type of people to turn down a good suggestion
when we hear one, so we hailed a taxi pronto.
{this was ry's first train & taxi ride, so it was a big day for us.}
and he deposited us here safe & sound!
this first night we were so excited.
we took the elevator up to the 19th floor, deposited our things,
and we were immediately off to explore the city.
we ended up in china town,
where we found the cheapest postcards and some really yummy food.
and we admired all the beautiful homes, apartments & buildings along the way.
imagining what life would be like if we really lived here.

next morning brought us our first ride on the notorious cable cars.
we spent a lot of time on these things, and completely loved every minute.
with all the hills it could almost be considered a roller coaster.
it was so liberating being able to stand on the side, holding on for dear life.
and such a lovely way to see the city.

this is when i caught ryan in a typical dad moment.
{inspecting the cable car cables.}

lombard was our first touristy stop.
that is if you don't count china town, which we don't.
because we didn't see any other tourists there.
lombard street on the other hand had hoards of them.
we walked both up & down this street. leisurely.
i think if you ever go you just have to explore san francisco by foot.
otherwise you just miss too much.
like the huge blossoming flowers. or grapefruit trees.

or all these entrances to homes i was swooning over.

and wouldn't it be just heavenly to live on a brick street?
these were the signs we felt okay ignoring because everyone else was.
{although i think the do not enter were for vehicles only}

if we ever move to this city sunday walks in this beachside park would
fast become a weekly occurrence.
we spent almost our entire day here.
not really doing a thing. just walking, and talking, and laughing, and sitting quietly.
it was my kind of sunday.

that evening we bused across town to try out the best burgers in san Francisco!
and then we stocked up on groceries for the week.
not the best quality photo, but this place & this food was so fun & retro.
and just look how pleased that man in the background is to be caught on film!
we couldn't deny him a spot on our blog.

it was the kind of day i could happily live over & over again.
one of those not a care in the world kind of days.
and if there is any way at all to rewind & relive days in the eternities,
this one has definitely made that list.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I went to San Francisco 7 years ago and have looked forward to going back some day. Great job on the photography.

  2. I've never thought about that before. Reliving days in the eternities! That sounds like the best day to relive!! Glad you guys had fun.

  3. I took Andrew to San Fran for his bday in August and it was SO much fun! I can't believe hos much there is to do in one city! Glad you guys had fun!

  4. i know, san francisco kind of has a way of making little logan look a little to boring! :)

  5. Lovely Leah. In every way...
    You write and capture life so well


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