protecting our investment

because i'm pretty sure that it's supposed to snow tomorrow.
and our strawberry plants have been growing like crazy.

will this help them survive?


  1. I will admit, Taylor and I went on a walk the other night and stopped over at your house to check your garden. It was adorable and everything I had hopped it would be. I'm crossing my fingers that your little strawberries are snug as a bug in their cups.

  2. Leah, I still laugh every time I think of the story you told me about taking cucumbers to the neighbors. Now you're learning to garden so you can torture your kids.
    I wish I lived closer so I could come and see the garden.

  3. Me and E don't really have any glasses left, (Due to our apparently rough dish-washing habits.) However, I feel a turn in the wind coming...I think I'm going glass shopping tonight. Through the townhouses.

  4. heather i hope so too!

    crystal, that's so funny, and thank you. keep your fingers crossed for the strawbs. and next time you guys should pop in and said hello!

    nat, i totally forgot about that, and you can bet we will torture our kids in the same way. think of all the funny memories it will create for them. :) i wish you lived closer as well! miss you!!

    minders, you keep away from our glasses! {although technically they're plastics} we borrowed them from our picnic baskets. but now with a dishwasher you don't have to worry about breaking anymore, right?


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