pavlova's dogs

sunday marked our first attempt at & taste of pavlova.
it's a new zealand dessert that actually got me through my persuasion class.
yup, pavlova was the food association
that helped me differentiate the classical conditioning
{derived from the study of pavlov's salivary responses with dogs}
from operant conditioning.
what is it? crunchy meringue topped with sweetened cream, topped with berries.
and even though i'm not a huge fan of meringue,
this was refreshingly simple and actually quite tasty!


  1. oo I love this stuff and could eat it all day!

  2. Leah, those look so good!
    Hmm.... I may have to try this. I wondered what you would do with them.

  3. Leah, you seriously are so amazing. I would never even think to try this!! :) It looks so good! Recipe?! :)

  4. art you can eat! those are really lovely looking leah. i wish i had patience for baking.

  5. oh gosh, i'm the biggest faker ever. there was zero baking involved. i bought these individual meringues from the grocery store and just filled with cream and berries. so good and almost zero effort. so that's the recipe! :)

  6. Wow Leah, those do look very good! So beautiful too!


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