the second installment in a series on san francisco.

this was one of the absolute best parts of our trip to san francisco!
waking up to this amazing corner room view every single morning. BLISS!
and if we strained we could see both the golden gate & bay bridge from our little room while we enjoyed a breakfast like this...ryan and i enjoy a shared love for bagels with veggie cream cheese.
toss in some o.j. and grapefruit and that's a pretty perfect breakfast,
as far as we're concerned.

did i mention we loved riding the cable cars? don't let the lack of good cable-car-riding pics fool you, we enjoyed them a whole lot!
and this? this was our first glimpse of the golden gate bridge.
watch the pictures get closer as we hiked the nearly 3 miles along beach, and up through some gorgeous forest areas to get to it.
we then crossed the mile & a half distance to {almost} the other side.
it was such a nice way to appreciate the beauty of san fran!

we stopped for a snack of carrots, jerky & corn nuts about half way there,
and also wrote about our love affair with the city in our journals.

and upon arrival, we find the many rules of bridge crossing & safety.
looking back we both recognize that
the weather couldn't have possibly been more perfect.
and now, when it feels like winter has suddenly reappeared,
we're missing this kind of weather terribly.
and afterwards, ice cream! {of course}
this ghirardelli hot fudge tasted as good as {maybe better} than homemade.
i could literally eat it by the spoonful. yup, it's that good!
and then home to cool our sunburns in the pool with yet another amazing backdrop view. don't we look so pink?

looking back i'm kind of jealous of our past selves.
ah, pool weather! you better be just around the corner!


  1. Leah oh that looks like so much fun. Where did you stay?!!

  2. Love, love, love the photo's. They make me want to go back to San Fran!

  3. love the pics...and waiting for summer as well!

  4. heath - we stayed at a holiday inn right down town.

    mom - oh hooray! welcome to commenting! i'm so very glad you figured it out. we should do a girls trip in san fran sometime. i would go back in a heart beat. love it!

    chels - thanks!! we can't wait to see you guys in july for some cabin time. :)


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