design humor.

this site is funny.
it's a glimpse into the lives of catalog dwellers.
it's new so there are not a lost of posts yet,
but these are my favorite.

Elaine was not amused by Gary’s passive-aggressive response to her request to “garnish the cocktails.”

Outdoor entertaining…

Sweetheart, the Turners will be here any minute now!  Did you put the plate of figs under the table?

Hi Nancy, it’s Elaine.  I’m going to be a little late for lunch.  I can’t find my hat or my back-up hat.

Follow directions…

Greta, the invitation specifically said to bring a yellow or white food or drink.  Now, please remove your brown cookies at once.

and on that note, enjoy your weekend!


  1. I was totally going to put this on my blog too! So funny huh? Do you follow Young House Love?

  2. Okay, so I'm cracking up...I have this image in my head of E and Ryan trying to "garnish cocktails..." It doesn't end pretty, but does end with us laughing our heads off. Seriously, can you imagine?!? I do believe you can.
    Also, one quick question?
    Can we make friendship bracelets soon??? I found my book....(And yes, I did laugh for like an hour, and yell, Erik!!! Me and Leah are gonna make bracelets!!! And then he said, "doesn't Leah think that's dumb?"Puuulleeeease?!? Ba ha ha... I know it's not my Birthday anymore, but I will still try to play that card- it's for my Birthday last year... :)

  3. Haha. So funny! I just went and read all of them. Love it.

  4. i'm glad you guys thought it was as funny as i did! and mind, i can totally picture our wise-guy husbands pulling out garnishes just like that!! and you would have to do some pretty serious bribing to get me to make friendship bracelets, but i am known to love a good bribe!


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