a little gift for my future children's dad.

inspired by martha stewart here,
{it was such a cute & simple idea.}
i tried my hand at handwritten packaging
for some of ry's favorite treaties for fathers day this year.
{he's going to someday be the absolute best dad!}
and so i showed my appreciation for all of his fine fatherly qualities by getting some of his favorite goodies that we don't often have around the house.
and here's what made the cut:

1. oreos
2. pistachios
3. lemonade
4. hot sauce
5. liquid smoke
6. tabasco sauce

now let the snacking and grilling begin!!


  1. too cute!! :O) You are so crafty! Jed just got a football.... I dropped the ball on that one... pun intended! :O)

  2. you are so. stinkin. cute.
    what a fantastic idea!

  3. But seriously. You make cute things cuter, and yummy things yummier. You are so fun!! :)


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