a little bit of charm for under 20 dollars.

i have a thing for deseret industries.
it's a complete love/hate dislike thing.
dislike because i can't stand the smell, for one thing.
and also because everything feels like it is coated with some kind of film,
giving me an incredible urge to wash my hands constantly while i am there.
but when i find wonderful deals,
i feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude.
like today.
when i felt like crying right there in front of everyone.
{that sounds dramatic, but it's the truth.}
i just felt just so incredibly lucky, and blessed.
to find so many treasures among literal piles of junk.
i believe Heavenly Father knows me well enough to understand how much i love these sorts of things.
so i think he helped us to find each other,
these lovely old things and i.
a tender mercy indeed.

ceramic salt & pepper shakers - $1 each
{the apple is there to give you perspective on how big these are.
i just love these oversized shakers so much!}

red leather bag - $2
{also huge & has tons of pockets - won't this make the best overnight bag?}

mini butter crocks - $1
{i'm so excited to make flavored butters & tote them around in these things.
okay, i have no idea where we'd tote them, but adorable nonetheless!}

trunks - $7 for both
i like to imagine this large trunk belonged to some handsome sailor {it even has ports & names stamped on it} and the delicate lady luggage to his lovely wife. what a fine couple they made! and what a fine pair their luggage now makes.

little round of a chair - $5
i've never seen anything quite like this. so round and squat. and in the store i convinced myself that i never again would. {see anything like it that is.} so i snatched it right up!

and that pretty blue backdrop in the photos?
a roll of scented drawer liners for no more that $1.

did i luck out or what?
stay tuned 'cause i have big plans for these gems.
they're going to revitalize our little apartment!


  1. I love your finds! What I would give to have you help me decorate!!!

  2. How fun!! I especially love the luggage trunks! I have dreamed of finding cheap ones just like those! Tender mercies indeed!

  3. i love when you find treasures.... you definitely have an EYE for things. and yes, the smell at d.i. is terrible. sometimes, that alone is the reason i stay away. but your finds make me want to go back!


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