he's back!!

over the past 2 years my brother peter has been serving an LDS mission in england.
tonight he flew home.
can you believe our luck, he had a layover in slc!!
naturally we wined & dined him.
{ie: we brought cafe rio enchilada style burritos to the airport}

{my favorite picture of the night by FAR!!}

we munched, and visited, and took lots of pictures.
and {is it possible?} he's taller!
at least he seems taller. much taller.
it was so good to see him.
it will be even better when we are all at the cabin later this month.
and have more than a few minutes to catch up & more than airport chairs to sit upon.

{elder petey, contacting some single ladies at the airport. he's so diligent.}

we love you peter!
we couldn't be prouder of your selfless service and years of sacrifice.
thanks for being such a good brother!
{in the truest sense of the word}


  1. Airport dine and dash - so fun but always too short. Lucky you get to see him again soon!

  2. That's so fun you could see him on his way home! Especially with cafe rio, mmmmm. So, your hair is beyond adorable - did you braid it yourself?? I am beyond amazed if you did :)

  3. ya janelle! you know all about that!!
    and leah! why didn't i know he was going to be here?! i am so sad i missed out. i hope he comes to visit soon. thanks for posting the pictures, it was fun to see...

  4. Yippie!!! How perfect you guys got to see him! Thanks for posting the pictures!

  5. It's so great to have them home isn't it! I bet we were at the airport at the same time!


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