for love of country.

   {our re-creation of both our homelands flags.}
ryan and i do not share a motherland.
he pledges allegiance while i salut the flag.
so when july comes around, we're all sorts of patriotic.
we both love our own native countries fiercely.
and recognize that our respective loyalties will probably never change.
so we celebrate the freedoms that we share,
the commonalities and camaraderie between our two fine nations.
we're even attempting to learn each others anthems.
{this may be quite a long process since we're not very diligent in this effort.}
but we're trying, you see.
especially me, since i do live here now.
but it's a little more difficult than i anticipated.
i still believe that canada, as a nation, offers a tad more to her citizens.
{hello delicious chocolate!}
however, i'm slowly acclimating.
and like a new but unfamiliar friend, i'm trying to see the best in her despite her faults.
{every country has them after all.}
take the constitution for instance.
i really love the constitution, especially the first amendment.
so for now i will focus on that.
and that is precisely what we celebrated.

on canada day {july first} we celebrated bbq style with these guys.
where we enjoyed the absolute best grilled veggies, burgers, & even adorable canadian cupcakes to commemorate.
{thanks you two!!}

{tiff, these cupcakes were adorable, and everything so delicious! you guys are so sweet!!}

and independence day {july fourth} found us rooftop with pizza & rootbeer,
along with these good friends watching jets & fireworks.
{this is also where we experimented with boxes of sparklers.}

cheers! to a lovely holiday! a lovely country! a lovely sunset!!


allegiances aside, we both simply love the fourth of july and all its traditions!

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  1. I love that you celebrated both holidays - we do the same at our house! :) I have a deep love of both countries and probably always will :) I love the Canadian cupcakes!


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