fireworks galore.

after this weekend we have more fireworks pictures than i know what to do with.
and we all know that firework photography just can't do live fireworks justice.
but regardless, there i was, snapping away.
completely swept up in the moment.
yes, i'm afraid i got a wee bit carried away.
eventually i had to put my camera away just so i could really enjoy them.

we had a birds eye view of these watching them from atop an apartment building.
the same apartment building from last year.
we didn't even have to look up, just dead straight ahead.
i really love this tradition.
but more on that & other fourth of july extravaganzas to come.


  1. Well, I for one am glad you took so many pictures, cause Egyptians certainly don't celebrate the fourth of July. I celebrated with having a fancy burger for lunch, but there were no fireworks to be seen. I'm glad to get your little firework show a few days late!

  2. I totally understand "getting carried away taking pictures".
    I am also glad you got carried away. My favorite is the one with all of the smoke and the trees at the bottom.

  3. Love it! I'm glad your 4th was great!!

  4. oh good bethy, i'm glad you got some fireworks after all. i should have videod them for you! :)

    thanks brook, i like that one too. i knew if anyone would understand getting carried away it would be you. do you want to get carried away together {again} sometime?


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