my friends make cute babies.

but you may have already guessed that after meeting this baby girl.
these babies, by the way, are making perfectly adorable test subjects.
{tiding me over until this summer in montana when i finally get to meet & practice on my newest niece emerson.}
ty, for instance, couldn't have been more polite or cooperative.
or any bit more adorable.

wouldn't you agree?


  1. Oh Leah! They look so cute! Ty and Penny and just adorable! Keep up the pretty pretty pictures!

  2. Such a sweet little guy. These pictures look great!

  3. Leah. You are awesome. Seriously. Those pics are sooo dang cute. He's darling! Can you say a boy is beautiful???Cause he totally is! Those eyelashes are UNREAL! Anyway, you're doing such a great job. I am way impressed!!!

  4. oh you guys, thank you! cute babies just make cute pictures. that's a fact! ty made it incredibly easy.


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