we've been lakeside.

yup, we have been at the cabin all last week.
and just arrived home last sunday night.
oh what a fun time we had!
the cabin is usually more of the same year after year,
{who's complaining? i love that about our family cabin time!}
you could basically look here, or here
and get a pretty accurate description of our past week.
save a few moments completely unique to cabin trip 2010 that i'd like to remember.

- painting toenails with sisters in moms bathtub.
- the traditional swim hole jump {that i opted out of but diligently photographed from the safety of our car due to insane numbers of mosquitos.}
- peter's truly wonderful talk on humility.
- the big family dinner on mom & dad's new deck afterwards.
- our first cabin blackout. {due to thunderstorms}
- consequently eating a candlelight dinner in the dark.
- swimming in the warm lake during the freezing cold rain.
- collecting buckets of lake water to flush the toilet during the blackout.
- getting the giggles about a trapped bat, even while katelyn doctored her freshly & severely wakeboard-injured hand.
- tim & jord saving not 1 but 2 children from drowning in the glacier rapids!
- the brand new floating island & subsequent pirateering. {or sharking in tim's case}
and the highlight?
- a truly gorgeous sunset jetski with my handsome husband.
it was take your breath away gorgeous!
just a few pics, as proof.


{jonny going in.}

{the boys exploring.
picture taken from the mosquito free haven of our car.}

{dad workin' his lemonade magic.}

{peters finger of approval.}

{the woodsies.}

{grandma r. imparting wisdom.}


{our little corner of the deck.
towels, umbrella & our diy beach pillows & stump umbrella stand.}

{could these kids get any cuter?}

{our s'more stand.}

{one of our favorite nights-spent in the dark.}

did i mention that kids adore peter? well, they certainly do! see?

a swell time, all in all.
{as always}
thanks mom & dad!!


  1. Great Times, great food, and great company!
    I can't wait to do it all again next year!
    (oh yeah, and great 'rundown' by you!)

  2. Looks like a blast! And you look lovely.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Sounds like so much fun! Even in the dark! :)

  4. It sounds like the perfect family get together! What an awesome way to spend the summer... minus the mosquitos :)

    You are so pretty, Leah!


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