Sometimes i have to remind myself
                      that it won't always hurt like this.


Ha! From your response I can see this post needs a good edit. And so I sheepishly confess that it was written in response to a 3-day headache. Yes, a headache folks! {see me shamefaced} But as I sat there on the sofa yesterday, eyes glazed over, staring into the distance trying to convince myself that this was not too big to handle, that it would in fact not kill me, I had a moment. {Apparently I can sometimes be so dunce that it requires a literal hammer over the head, in the form of actual physical pain, for Heavenly Father to get his point across.} A moment where my headache seemed to be a lesson on life. A lesson to which I have not been the least bit receptive. Like, at all! But yesterday it registered. I realized-suddenly & profoundly-that sometimes you just have to suffer through the pain knowing that no matter how bad it is, it will not last! {did you already know this? well, it was new to me! an epiphany of sorts.} And so I wrote it down. Here. On my blog. So that when I was tempted to, I would not forget it. Sorry if you thought I was in a desperate way.  


  1. Leah, what's going on? Are you alright?

  2. ha ha. after seeing facebook this morning, i thought it was just in reference to you not having your phone or laptop.


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