weekend highlights

it was the very best kind of weekend - equally productive & fun!
we went school shopping (my fav) cleaned house, did homework, and even prepared a scrumptious and homey kind of sunday dinner.
we also fit in all sorts of less responsible kinds fun.

we went here:

where we rode this:

atop which we could see this:

and where we took lots of these:

than we picked all these red beauties:
(from our very own garden)

from which i made (and we consumed) this:
the likes of which cannot be described in words alone.
but i will try to in just two - comfort. food.

we were surprised and delighted by all this from these guys:
(we are in complete awe of all these homemade goodies. thank you-thank you!)

which was perfectly timed to our removing freshly baked bread from the oven.
which we slathered with the beautiful apple jelly.
and then immediately felt like we were back in grandmas kitchen - it was that good!

and on that note, Happy Monday!


  1. no, thank you!
    Your rolls were delicious and actually the center of our dinner yesterday. We were in a rut in dinner planning, but after I got back from your house we decided on corn on the cob, raspberries in milk, and all of your soft, warm rolls.

  2. looks delish. and I need more pics from kylie's wedding. She looked beautiful.

  3. i'm glad you guys enjoyed them crystal. your dinner sounds just like perfection! and i just have to ask, are raspberries in milk simply raspberries in milk? i have never heard of that but it sounds wonderfully delicious!

    and chels, i was the worst and got hardly any pictures of the wedding, and basically none of the reception. sorry! she did look beautiful though huh?


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