my cousin is now a mrs.

(sadly, i did not bring my dslr so all photos were pointed & shot!)

my cousin got married!
she looked so beautiful - just as brides should.
and the reception was full of family - just as those things should be.
and the ceremony was tender and filled with happy tears - just as it should have been.
and it was especially nice for ryan & i to be there because they just happened to be married in the very same room in the very same temple as we were 4.5 years ago.
sweet memories!

the handsome couple

and us, outside the temple...
with some of our favorite people

my great aunt jean & uncle gene at the sundance reception
in matching outfits no less!

and myself with my now-provo-residing sister
hooray! hooray for having her so close!
and hooray for weddings!

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