the gift of music

(photo taken by my talented cousin brooklyn)

five birthday songs is enough to make any girl feel special!
i was lucky enough to be serenaded with each of the following:

1. the traditional happy birthday to you
2. it's your birthday shout hooray
3. for she's a jolly good fellow {not gender consistent, but fun nonetheless}
4. a simpsons birthday song that I am unfamiliar with
5. lisa's birthday song {you can listen here} replacing, of course, leah for lisa


  1. hi leah girl!!! funny bc i almost emailed you to get your new blog address. did you change it? i had u listed on my blog forever and when i would click on it to see updates it wouldnt go through!
    i am glad i found you again!
    miss you guys! logan and all our dear friends will always be so special to us!

  2. you're the birthday... you're the birthday... you're the birthday... boy or girl!?

  3. lithie - glad you found us again too! we miss you guys. it's just not the same without the rocks around.

    and britt - is this an additional birthday song? aw shucks, now it's six. i'm spoiled.


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