the last of my 20's!

not so long ago i celebrated a birthday.

it feels like an awfully big deal to mark the last year i will ever be twenty-something.
my last year to be carefree and frivolous. (or so it feels)
or perhaps my final year (in a last ditch effort) to really mature before the big 3-0.
whatever it is meant to commemorate, it was a celebration!
ryan gifted me with the chance to plan a small event.
(i sorta love this kind of thing)
yep, for the first time in a long time i had a party.
filled with socializing, conversing, singing, eating & drinking,
just as wikipedia dictates for occasions such as these.
it did not disappoint!

the invitations were simply postcards.
and the place cards were little stones i've been collecting over the weeks,
with everyones name stamped on them.
we had originally planned for something similar to this,
but after a gorgeous morning a random wind storm blew up forcing us indoors.
so it wasn't alfresco, but it was lovely!
(if i do say so myself.)

ryan bought me these pretty spider mums.
and - believe it or not - they are still going strong today!
impressive right? i love 'em!

we dined on bbq pork sliders topped with tasty delicacies.
we also enjoyed all the yummy salads that everyone brought - which i neglectfully forgot to photograph.
but they were delicious!
we had fruit salads, caesar salad, pasta salad, and tortilla chips with a hint of lime.
(have you tried these chips? go now! try them!! but consider yourself warned about their highly addictive quality.)

and best of all...
i got to have so much family here to join in the festivities!
this is a rare treat indeed, since they all live so very far away.
it made the day so fun. 
thanks for coming everyone!
and if you're counting - we actually fit 16 people in our townhouse.
if you've seen our place then you recognize the miracle of that!
it was cozy, jolly, and memorable.

don't these little tykes look so sweet?
yes, my cousin makes really beautiful children!
and they're funny to boot.
look at them dissect those cupcakes - it's intense business.
i'm just glad we missed the sugar high that must have followed!
(sorry about that you guys.)

auntie & mother trying to sneak in some kitchen duty.

and then there was dessert!
oh the dessert!!
a smorgasbord of divine sweets.
but best of all? seriously... ryans homemade rhubarb ice cream!
to. die. for.
also on the menu:
raspberry almond cake
berry cupcakes
fresh berries & cherries galore
homemade raspberry syrup

and atop the birthday cake - a lovely little token from our garden.
our very first strawberry of the season!
isn't it sweet?
and as the birthday girl, naturally i got dibs!
it was the tastiest little niblet ever. i think 'cause it was grown with love.

oh, and 28 also saw my first attempt at strawberry jam.
a little thank-you for all our guests!
playing host in our wee of an apartment was so much fun.
and we hope everyone can come visit again soon.

*photos taken by brooklyn, myself, and anyone else i could pawn my camera off to.

thanks hon -thanks everyone- for a beautiful day!!


  1. LEAH---You are amazing. I am sure you already know that.
    Your birthday looked like it belonged in a magazine, only better.
    I miss you and love you and wish I was there.

  2. Leah, you've always had great design sense, it looks like you work for Martha Stewart! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Leah! Wow you know how to throw a party. Very creative...I loved all of it.

  4. So cute. Love it. Sad we missed it. And, the cake looks perfectly dense. Was it??? I hope it was. Cause it looks like it should be. Anywhoooo happy birthday!!! We miss you, love you, and are proud of the woman you're becoming! :) He he he.

  5. I will attest to the absolute divine-ness of your desserts. the cake, the cupcakes and the icecream... are you kidding me!? I could have died and gone to heaven. Take about sugar rush... Taylor and I ate the entirety of all 3 in a few short minutes.

    Leah, I love how everything you do is so unique, elegant, martha stewartish and so.... you. You just have such a style about everything you do that I absolutely love! The cupcake wrappers, the tall birthday candles, the mason jars for cups, the beautiful handwriting on your chalkboard, the plump berries on the pedestals, the white frosting, the labels on your "delicacies", the rocks with names on them... I mean, there is just something about the "flare" you put into everything. I'm hiring you to plan my next party.

    And I hope you had a very happy birthday

  6. First of all - la multi ani! Could you be any more creative and fantastic at throwing a party? I think not.

  7. what an inspiring, beautiful, lovely, and classy birthday party!
    {i have been following your blog for about 6 months or so (i hope you don't mind?)}.
    i love your style!
    have you ever thought about doing some "how to" posts? I would love to know how to make a banner like the one you made for your party... i would love to know how to do it all!

    one quick question {if you don't mind}... where is that mirror from that is pictured in well your pictures from your party?

    love an adoring follower!

  8. Leah you are amazing. All the little details are just perfection. What a talent! Happy Birthday!

  9. oh leah!!! <<<<>>>>> no words. no words.
    happy belated! xoxo

  10. oh good grief! thank you everyone. these are the nicest bunch of compliments ever!!

    rand - thank you and i wish you were there too!

    julie Ann - seriously right back at ya' (about that design sense of yours) and also i wish i worked for martha stewart. that would be amazing!

    nancy - aw thanks! it was such a fun party to throw!

    mindy - yes, it was dense indeed. but not quite as moist as i would have liked. perhaps next time i shall commission a cake from yourself!? that would be awesome.

    crystal - i'm so glad you guys enjoyed them. yeah! and thanks again for the chairs, we couldn't have done it without you. :) and your comment was incredibly sweet by the way.

    nat - ...si sanatate! wish you guys lived closer you so we could celebrate these things with you. miss you! and thanks.

    RML - could i be any more flattered? i think not. and so of course i don't mind you following, the more the merrier over here. :) and thanks for the suggestion about how-to posts, i would love to do 'em but just never feel motivated enough to get down to it. i'll do some though, i promise. and that mirror? a 2 buck yard sale find that i painted. super easy!

    kachiri - you're amazing as well, i still need to get that amazing banana bread recipe from you!! delicious!

    lithie - your posts make me smile every time i read them, you sweetheart!

  11. You sure know how to throw a party! Everythiing looked perfect. Hope you had a great day!


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