the color of autumn

ever since school began i have been struggling to find that intimate one-on-one time with my camera.
(i bet you thought i was going to say ryan huh - nope, never ryan.)
but i think i've found the solution.
first thing in the morning i always go for a walk, and now i've started bringing ol' trusty along with me.
it's wonderful! i get to enjoy two of my favorite things at the same time.
long luscious walks and photography - i feel like such a multi-tasker!
obviously some days are better than others for photo ops.
but nothing allows me to recognize beauty around me quite like looking at the world through a lens.
i especially love the wonderfully vibrant and contrasting colors of autumn.
i mean, check out that purple. in october!!


  1. Such beautiful shots, Leah!! You've inspired me to get up and go for a walk tomorrow morning (I've been thinking about it for a while...). Probably won't take my camera though - not many leaves left on the trees here!

  2. These photos are magical, Leah! You are very talented :)

  3. I love all the fall colors - and that you captured them perfectly!! The lovely wind down here took them off before we really had a chance to take fall photos, but you know all about that ;) i think when you come up next you are hired to come make my house as adorable as your place!

  4. aw shucks, thanks guys!

    - after living in canada so long i never take autumn for granted. it still completely amazes me that leaves can be so colorful. enjoy your walk!

    - magical- i love that. you're so sweet!

    - i totally know all about the non existent autumns of canada. cardston especially! and your house can't get more adorable. i love admiring it in your pics.

  5. I love the photos!
    The first one is my favorite.
    oh, and the strawberries look delicious from your most recent post!

  6. such beautiful pictures Leah! You really have a talent for photography. Are you self taught or did you take a course?

  7. the first one is my favorite too mom.

    micah, thanks! i am just learning. i took a short course from a local photographer here in logan (4 hours long) to learn about my camera and how to properly use it. that was really helpful! and now i'm trying to figure out good composition etc through TONS of trial and error.


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