surioara (little sister)

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meet my youngest sister, katelyn.
can you believe i changed this girls diapers?
and gave her bottles?
and even helped pick out her adorable little baby gap clothes?
and now look, she's all grown up and completely fabulous.
she's a college student now, and ridiculously fun & funny.
(can't you tell from her impromptu mossy mustache on our last hike?)
not to mention gorgeous! but trust me, this is the least of all the things to love about her.
while she was here in august we went hiking, picture taking, and drove the golf cart all around campus.
it was a marvelously good time.
and although she lives much closer now, it's nowhere near close enough.
i'd hang out with this one every day of the week and twice on sunday.
and i'd love to share more fun pictures of the two of us (gosh we have a lot of 'em)
but sadly, blogger is telling me i am out of photo storage.
sad day indeed! what is a girl to do?


  1. what does that mean!? you cant post any more photos? or just for this post??

    i love her too!!

  2. ha, i edited the title for you brit! (little sister) and it says i'm all out of storage for the whole blog and need to purchase more. which sounds ridiculous. i am much too used to blogging being completely free.

    anyone else have this problem?


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