I've been featured!

my little desk project has been featured!
(if that's not an ego boost i don't know what is.)
the fabulous designer danielle and i literally grew up down the street from each other in canada,
and now she has started a modern design blog where you can get in on all her design services.
her style is contemporary, playful, and full of color.
check her stuff out - you won't be sorry!
or just take another gander at that desk transformation here, to see it for yourself.
and let's not even talk about how beautiful her and her family are.


  1. thats awesome leah, congrats! although im not a BIT suprised.. you should start being featured in a lot more places

  2. YAHOO. I love that you're famous now. That's the best. Plus, I will always say, "I knew her BEFORE." I can't wait. In fact, I think I will just start saying it now. Seriously, though. That little area is soooo stinkin' cute. I had a lot of time to look at it when we came to Logan last time, as I fed Penelope in there. We both loved it, and contemplated stealing parts of it. But as you can see by the fact that nothing is missing, I did not. But it doesn't mean I won't steal something/all of it when I come up next. I'm just sayin'.


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