october is for thanksgiving.

last monday was canadian thanksgiving.
and as per usual we ryan prepared cornish hens for the celebratory feast.
(i just showed up at 7:30, right after class.)
table was set, dinner was made, and canadian thanksgiving did not go unnoticed.
somehow this has become the tradition - cornish game hens for october thanksgiving.
-the one month that for me always feels like, seems to be, reminds me of traditional thanksgiving-
and don't these tempting little birds just scream "it's a feast"?
something turkey-ish but also different enough to distinguish between my canadian roots
and ry's american heritage. 
they seem just the perfect thing.
as do the teeny pumpkins with which we decorated the table.
so happy thanksgiving!


  1. I will always remember you on Canadian Thanksgiving (and incidentally might start celebrating it myself). That was honestly one of my most favorite meals/memories when we were blessed with a cornish game hen a couple years back (can you believe that was 2 years ago!). "and we're grateful for Canada..."

  2. oh crystal, we totally loved that thanksgiving we spent with you too! if this year hadn't been so completely unplanned we would have had you guys over again.

  3. Hey! I love the cornish game hens. We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving as well. It's fun that we get to have Thanksgiving twice each year!


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