the best of autumn

crunchy leaves.
hay bales.
cool crisp air.
hot chocolate.
long talks.
late nights.
great friends.

our new favorite halloween memory.


  1. agreed! That was a fabulous night. I still look out my windows at those fire pits and think about how awesome it would be if it got warm again and we re-created the whole night... I guess we'll have to wait until next year (since I'm pretty sure we'll BOTH still be here, hahah)

    I'm totally laughing about Taylor's red, squinty eyes in our picture. I guess he wasn't kidding about being blinded by the flash.

    P.S. I loved my "week of Reigles"!

  2. So so so cute. I wish I could've been there EVEN MORE now, and I wouldn't have thought that possible! I just want to hang out ALL DAY EVERY DAY... :) I think Erik was sooo glad I came. I came home just giddy as could be. Plus, he LOVED how Ryan said, "Yeah, Mindy. It was fun.....For Leah." Ba ha ha ha ha! I keep laughing over that. It's sooo freaking funny that he said that! Don't worry, though. E will come next time, and I don't care if it's springtime, we WILL do another bonfire. Plus, I can't wait to see the pics of Penn. I saw one on facebook but it was only up for like two seconds. I tried to comment on it but it was gone. Let me just tell you, it was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen. how could she be so perfect?!? I mean, I know I'm neat and stuff, but that's mostly my impressive personality and great sense of humor. I never realized I'd make such a beautiful babe... :) And I'm so glad you guys are so wonderful to her! We can't wait to come play again. Love you!


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