girls on the town!

last weekend my dear friend mindy came to visit.
It was an entire weekend of girly fun.
all sorts of funny instances and subsequent laughing attacks accompanied by tears.
really great long talks, dinners out, ice cream and fancy drinks.
lot's of friends, and visits, and reminiscing.
it was lovely - and we have hardly any pictures to show for it.
not of us anyway.
just these few i stole from crystal.

this one is my fav!
crystal captured the real hit of the party... ice cream!

you'd hardly know that baby penny was there for all of it.
(except for the hundreds of pictures we shot of her that prove otherwise.)
she is the most darling thing and has the sweetest temperament.
and she bore our girls weekend very well.
enduring us hugging and kissing on her constantly.
rewarding us with tons of smiles, and giggles, and cooing.


  1. Yes, very fun. Very fun indeed. And my tears were NOT shed out of fun. They were shed out of embarrassment, and humiliation for doing the worst thing ever. Ba ha. Plus, I'm glad it was fun...for you. Not Ryan. Poor Ryan. Poor poor Ryan. Next time, he'll have to go stay at a friends house. He he he he.

  2. very fun is right! when are you coming next? and next time i'll send ryan eriks way, and they can do a man night. :)


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