5 years saw us...

Tromping through snow over 8 feet deep.
Picnicking in the frozen mountains.
Boiling our bodies in a 110 degree hot spring.
Feasting on an italian banquet fit for a king.
And sightseeing in our very own town.
Staycation-ing at it's finest!

Based on our criteria for successful anniversary celebrations,
-go somewhere we have never been and do something we have never done-
this year was a raging success!!
We thought nothing would top the great train to San Francisco of 2010,
but I guess it's not where you go but who you are with 'cause this was our favorite anniversary year ever!


  1. wait, wait... where is this 110 degree hot spring??? Did you snowshoe into it? I NEED to go. Also, where is this Italian Banquet? We're always on the look out for a good restauarant, especially if it's mexican or italian.

  2. Looks like a perfectly lovely day!! You both deserve it.
    I love how you celebrate life!

  3. No, we didn't snow shoe to it -although we did try to find something that cool- it was near preston. And it was extraordinarily hot. Like the spring itself was 115 degrees, but the pool averaged closer to 110. Needless to say it took a while to fully immerse ourselves!


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