Freshening up (the office)

Our closet needed a little lot of work. 
Our office, much like harry potter, has long been confined to a cupboard under the stairs.
And since this initial transformation well over a year ago, there hasn't been much of a change,
besides the occasional minor adjustment.
Oh, and the slow but relentless accumulation of unnecessary clutter and dust.

Strangely these sorts of things have a huge impact on my mood and ability to function.
What can I say, a dirty house is sort of like my personal kryptonite.
And besides, very few things compare to the good feeling inspired by a fresh new look in the old abode!

So creating a new look in this tiny area of our casa is definitely refreshing.
And I am breathing so much better just looking at the huge pile of trash that is going out the door today!
We're talking HUGE pile.
I'm wondering how the devil all that stuff even fit in there to begin with.

So here is how I went from this:

to this clean slate:

And finally (and most excitedly) to this:


And with details like these antique-y looking candlesticks - only $1.00 for both at our local D.I.
Or the adorable apothecary jar - a gift from my sister - turned darling vase to contain a small bunch of babies breath.
Or like the bull clip keeping our calender quite conveniently displayed on wall to the left of our computer.
Or the paper wrapped raisin and oatmeal tubes used to corral our spare change - both canadian and american - so we don't have to sort or separate them all later.
And these soft colored stones -used as place cards for my 29th birthday party-
now live in this pretty glass bowl.
and of course our newest battery storage solution - a $.50 box from D.I.
Details that make my life just that much easier... and prettier!

And what you see here is nothing compared to the amazing neatness and organization you will find while snooping through our desk-side drawers.
Or just take a peak at this pic here:

Voila! And phew!
I must say, I have fallen in love with this wee little space all over again.


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how giddy this makes me.

    I'm in LOVE with your office nook.

    You are an organizational queen!!

  2. Thank you ladies! You are so SWEET!

  3. just when i thought that little office couldn't get cuter...

  4. What a darling little office! All of that organization makes my heart smile. There is nothing better than a freshly organized and beautifully decorated space! I love it :)

  5. Would you like to come organize our desk space??? LOL, yours makes mine look...words just can't explain. Looks AWESOME!

  6. WOW that is amazing! My closet sure doesn't look like that!


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