A wee gift from the gods.

And from my husband.
Sometimes he finds little treasures along his path, and he always knows just what I would appreciate.
For instance, he stumbled upon this little treasure today.

 And because he loves me, he tucked it away and carried it home.
He knew I would love it (so sweet & thoughtful, no?) and I really do!
It's been distracting me for well over an hour.

After determining that it could not be cared for and hatched (it was already cold when husband found it.)
I washed it. Blew out the insides. Washed it again. Dried it.
Then I placed it atop our smallest candle stick holder so as to better enjoy its beauty.
Placed it in the office where I have been cleaning trying not to be distracted
by the magic of a perfectly hollow robin's egg.

 It's so fragile and soft and perfect.
I can't help smiling just thinking about it in my house.
And then I have to go look at it again, just to see for myself it is real, and still here (it is.)

It's a much better gift than jewelry.
It is my new favorite thing and is making me inordinately happy.

. . .

Any ideas on how to display it? 


  1. 1. Superglue some sparkles on it.
    2. Make a small cowboy hat for it.
    3. Draw Michael Jackson's face on it.
    4. Save it for Easter
    5. Put it in a cup.
    6. Put the cup in the sink.
    7. Ask Ryan to wash the dishes.

    Love Steph and Pete :)

  2. it is beautiful. do they make little itty bitty egg cup holders? how sweet would that be.

  3. Those are all great ideas Pephanie (that is my new celebrity name for you guys.)

    And an egg cup would be the sweetest thing at that size. If I can find something that size I would also consider serving hard boiled quail eggs in them for something like an easter morning brunch. Now I am for sure on the lookout!!


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