More Myrtle Beach

1. Glimpse of 3/9 pools from our balcony
2. Us & the view from our living AND bed room
3. Foggy humidity = constant dampness but really great lighting/coloring
4. Elevator photo op
5. Dee-licious crab enjoyed lakeside at sunset
6. Late-night stroll(s) on the beach
7. And just in case this wasn't obvious
8. Miles of windy boardwalk & wonderfully random shops
9. Lunch at an adorable & practically antique hot dog stand
10. Loads of basking in the sun & reading (me) hours of work related classes (hubs)
8. And every other spare second found us at the beach


  1. it's official... i'm totally jealous... not so much of Ryan and his "crabs" (hahah), but more of you and your hours on the beach.

    I'm about 90% sure it will stop raining here in Logan someday. The other 10% of me is ready to move to Myrtle beach.

  2. How fun!! I'm with Crystal...completely jealous....you take beautiful fun pictures!

  3. Present-day Leah shares you jealousy for past-Leah circa two weeks ago!


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