Looking for a home to love.

I'm a total romantic, even especially about houses.
And even though looking for the perfect home can at times be frustrating (much like dating),
I just know somewhere out there is the perfect little one for us.
And when we finally find her, we will love and cherish her to no end!
Because we know that the best place to find peace and happiness is in a little house,
on a little hill, wa-ay out in the country.
Okay, the country part is still under negotiations,
but this little video, my friends, is one of Disney's absolute finest moments.
Along with Lambert of course.

It also does absolutely nothing to ease my house-hungriness -- nothing at all.
In fact, more than ever I want to find a poor neglected little space to adopt and make all our own.
sigh! Some day we'll find each other, this elusive house and I!


  1. I'm with you..I can't wait for that day...my own space with no neighbors...*sigh*

  2. I know there is one out there for you, wanting and waiting for you as badly as you are wanting and waiting for it! And what an adorable home it will be!


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