Forget Eggs Benedict!

This is so much better!

Until Romania I never appreciated the perfection that is a soft cooked egg.
There they serve them with/on absolutely everything.
I had soft eggs on pizza, pasta, meat loaves, and most deliciously on mamaliga.
And when I was once served some eggs with sour cream and a tart cheese it changed my life!
And it inspired this little concoction.
Well, that and the famous Gordon Ramsey when he challenged chefs to a perfect egg cook-off.
I knew immediately what my entry would be!
(Had I, of course, been a contestant.)

Layers - to fancy it up a bit - of what are my all-time favorite breakfast foods.
A sandwich view from top down looks like this:

sour cream
goat cheese

To. Die. For.

And some bottom up play-by-play:
1. I cooked the mamaliga the night before, let it set in a pan, and cut it out using a round cookie cutter. And because I didn't add any butter during cooking, I melted a bit over the top before 2nd layer.

2. Sadly, I was out of goat cheese, but that would come next, sandwiched between tomato & mamaliga.

3. A thick slice of roma tomato - I was lucky and mine was the perfect diameter.
I sprinkled the tomato slice with sea salt and was generous with the freshly ground pepper.

4. The egg was cooked to under easy in a round cookie cutter to maintain the shape of our breakfast tower, and gently placed atop the tomato. (see how all the yolk-y goodness seeps out? That's how you know it's cooked to under-easy perfection.)

5. I thinned the sour cream with a little milk, so it would more closely resemble smantana, and drizzled over the top, and then garnished with parsley.


  1. I found your blog via Danielle's! This looks like a delicious meal! Yum! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. and my mouth is watering. This little treat looks right up my alley. May I ask, what is mamaliga? I am imagining it to be something similar to polenta, or corn meal.

    I LOVE runny yolks, however Taylor has semi ruined them for me because every time I'm dipping my bacon in yolk, he acts disgusted and tells me that I'm eating the "ovum of the egg raw!" It's just kind of a gross image to think about when you're trying to enjoy something.

    So are we on for tonight? What's the plan?

  3. Holy cow. My mouth is watering. I want this asap. You have to teach me to make this "breadish" type creation.

  4. I am so impressed with your Romanian breakfast! It looks sososo yummy and I wish someone would make it for me tomorrow morning...because it looks like too much work to make for myself in the morning. Maybe for dinner.

  5. ohhhhh my goodness this looks delicious. I can't wait to try this (and check out a few of your other recommended recipes!)



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