Memorial Day

We woke up to snow this morning.
Just 2 days before June. 
Here's proof:

But we determined not to let that spoil our day.
Instead of picnics, and swimming, and barbecues, we opted for dinner & a movie.
It was delightful indeed!
We saw Thor (not too bad - despite the dreadful title) but have no picture evidence of it.
Then we tried out a little place in smithfield for which we have a lot of photographic evidence. 


A delightful place.
Company of good friends. 
Perfection in the form of breadsticks.

And my favorite picture of the day.
Because Heather clearly loves to get her picture taken!


  1. with the beautiful weather we are having today, it's so surreal to think that there was snow on the ground yesterday... crazy Utah spring.

    Good ol' Callaways. I forgot how much I enjoyed those breadsticks, thanks for the reminder.

  2. ha ha!! :) thanks leah :) ps i'll steal some pictures!

  3. Those bread sticks were my all time favorite. I loved 'em! Let us know when you go - we'll join you. :) And you are so welcome Heather, I seriously love that picture!


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