Favorite Things Brunch

I can't help but notice that my blog posts as of late have been appearing on the weekends.
As in only on the weekends. 
This is probably due to the fact that summer school is kicking my butt.
But we did manage to squeeze in some girl time this weekend with a favorite things brunch.
Not only was it fun but it was the perfect excuse to break in our still-in-progress patio.
Thanks for coming ladies!
And for sharing all your very favorite things.
I now have so many new things to buy, visit, eat, and make.


  1. We had a great time at a beautiful wedding, but I am definitely sad I missed out on this.

    your patio furniture is coming along wonderfully.

  2. K Leah- I've only thought back to that party about 100 times in the last few days. Seriously, one of my FAVORITES ever! Appropriate I guess :) And you need to post more pictures. Seriously. You guys deserve to post those pictures. When I saw the food arranged all perfectly I really felt like a little kid at a birthday party just feeling so excited and lucky to have been invited. I was trying to explain to Jason how amazing it was- but just can't even do it justice. SO much fun. :) I'm so mad I didn't bring my camera!

  3. okay... tiffany's comment makes me REALLY sad i missed out. i knew i missed out, since it was hosted by martha stewart (that would be you) but hearing other people talk about it just makes the jealousy 10000x worse. dang it.

  4. I love favorite things parties! I wish I could have come as well :) Your patio is coming along beautifully, Leah!


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