A week that went by in a single blink.

photo taken from  nearby rooftop 

Oh this week, you must have been the absolute fastest & busiest week ever. 
An impromptu trip to Canada to visit my sick grandma (so sad but so good to be there with her). 
A husbands birthday that went all but ignored with all the busy-ness. 
A canadian thanksgiving feast with so many loved ones close by.
So-so much writing, panicking, and rushing to get my thesis finalized.
Homework for those regular old daily classes.
Two completely sleepless night in the past three days.
(I think I may just go to bed right now and catch the first few z's of the last 30 or so hours)
And some birthday plans that have been on hold all week - I think we're cashing in on those tonight, I hope I don't sleep in!
But you know what, as difficult as it is to keep my eyes open right now, I've tried to make the time to stop and enjoy (for a couple minutes at a time at least) this time of my life. 
I know that sounds crazy, but I love school. I love where we're at in our lives right now.
We get to go to school togather. Everyday. And it's gorgeous here.
Old brick buildings, and bustling students in scarves and boots. And everywhere we look fall leaves, and colors, and smells. It's glorious!
And walking an assignment up the old main stairs at 7:00 am in the brisk morning air? Well, that's just an awesomely awesome memory. 
So I'm trying to just appreciate the crazy buzy-ness, because it's the best kind.
I love going to school. Being a student. Working on homework. 
So despite everything I'll find myself stepping outside at 3:00 am just to deep-breath in all the wonderful and try my very-very best to exhale this growing sense of stress that has been attempting to settle in the pit of my stomach. 
And so far I think it's working. 


  1. Oh Leah, I love this. It's so hard to not allow yourself to get caught up in wishing for things to be over and for life to move on. It's actually one of the things that causes me the most anxiety, because I know the future will come and I will feel so much guilt for not enjoying every second of my life at this stage.

    Life really is wonderful, simple and full of love right now. I wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you for reminding me of that.

  2. Good for you!

    And I'm really sorry about your Grandma.

  3. It really is, isn't it Crystal? And thanks Brooky.


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